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My story begins in Shahdol,

Madhya Pradesh

  I was born and raised in a joint family in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh (central India). I learned cooking for my family and friends at an early age. Food was always cooked and served with reverence. Each dish selection was based on the season and temperament of the family. Ultimately a meal was supposed to fill up, nourish and create peace & harmony  (contentment) between one's mood, body, activity and environment.

  Now with two teenagers of my own, I decided to share the skills and secrets of traditional Indian family style cooking. 

  To me cooking also reflects love for family. Food brings the family together; so join me here to share the food, share the love and the happiness of life with everybody you love.

Rupali Nigam


"When the family waits for food, the Gods wait with them. One who cooks and serves with love, satisfies them both"

Old Indian Saying